Just Met Jesus?

Giving our lives to Jesus means that we're fully surrendered to Him, and that we now belong to a new family. Here at Faith Church, no one walks alone.  We'd love to hear your story and connect with you.

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Grow Track

Declare your commitment. 
Explore your faith.
Know who you are.
Are you ready to go public with your faith through water baptism?  The Bible encourages us to take this next step of going public with our faith!
Alpha is series of sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith,  and doubts that we all experience in life. It's an opportunity to hear from others but also give your perspective in an honest, open environment.
Grow Track is our unique pathway that allows you to move from merely "attending" Faith to "growing" with us. Here you will discover who we are as a church, how God has wired you for ministry, and how we can partner together.

Shepherd School

Want to Serve?

Begin Shepherding. 
Shepherd School is a hybrid, discipleship training program by Faith Church. This 10 Week hybrid learning solution provides discipleship training for those that want to leave the sidelines and embrace their calling. 
To serve the Lord is a great privilege! At Faith Church, there are many areas of ministry to serve from greeting our guests, jumping around with kids, to operating a broadcast camera. Let us know if you would like to begin serving!

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